Wednesday, 4 October 2017

What a summer on Santorini

 What a summer very hot but full of amazing moments here on Santorini.
The more I stay the more I learn about this amazing place.It's beauties and wonders ....My time is never wasted here and love that I'm in a position of been able to tell the stories ,of the old local people who have taken the time to sit with me and describe their life stories it's is a big privilege living here and never take it for granted.
It is an island of so much history but found using the visual and life stories of Santorini people, visitors (friends) become more keen to see the hidden beauties where they are not aware of the thousands of people visiting .I was once told to write a book about my life here but I do it every time I show this beautiful simple island .

Monday, 12 December 2016

Living and doing tours on Santorini

myself and Santorini 

Some times I feel overwhelmed by the beauties of Santorini and its people and their simple lifestyle, even with the thousands and thousands of visitors that come on a day tour or holiday .My tours are created in making an exclusive experience where guests canfeel part of the lifestyle in experiencing how the local people live visiting several villages or landmarks in describing Santorini before tourism. 
There are so many views of this island and I have so many photographs over my 20 years here that it is hard to pick which ones to show but in my tours I find it so relaxing and easy to tell their stories of their lives .
Horses,donkeys and mules are a big part of the island and still been used by the older generation to transport their harvest or means of transport.It is lovely now to see the younger generation  have now got into breeding horses and donkeys on Thirassia. They are well known by other islands and Greece for their work always with glow of joy and happiness      This is why I live and create tours incorporating their livelihood 

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Back in Glasgow for Christmas holidays to see family and relax and ponder about internet !!

I sit here back in my family home and reflect on my 2016 tours and feel so proud of my knowledge of Santorini in telling as some visitors have said "Great stories "But in fact this is the life of Santorini how they lived ,why their are so many churches on the island ,Why there was not a high death count in the 56 earthquake and what do the islanders feel about tourism today .
In my tours I have found a way of answering most of their inquisitive questions but I am not a historian so I go to the best teachers the local people tending to be of the older generation who are very keen to inform me about their lives Even at times on my tours I have stopped a local lady or man to find out a little about their life on Santorini It is all part of making a tour more interactive and authentic which is how I live life and feel .
 Not sure about yourselves but it is harder to be found these days on Santorini with the mass development of hotels who now do their own tours for their guess as I have experienced over the last few years but that is life and commercial world of a touristic island.
I have found my way to live within this circle in my love for my tours and  photography and keep my tours simple,interesting,fun and affordable for everyone in fact they  become "Befriending Tours" rather than a 2-4 hour tour it is as long as the day goes not bad I think for a commercial island
We need from time to time to dwell on our lifestyle and that is what I am doing and feeling that 2017 is going to be another amazing time of showing the real beauties of Santorini Hope you all have a lovely winter
 Best regards


Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Thirassia the island of simple life style looking onto the mainland in a silent wow


  At times here on Santorini we forget the people and their life on Thirassia. They have a hard life but they still keep one beautiful emotion we have when we are relaxed Smiles ,Laughter and a keenness to make your time enjoyable with them . 

This island has been left behind concerning tourism development but is this a good thing or a bad thing these two lovely people who breed donkeys say " it is hard" but I always see them with a happy content mood and a warm welcome when I see them on the island .

When you do go to this amazing island Thirassia take the lovely hike to the monastery at the tip the views are amazing and it is the only point of Santorini where you can grasp the whole                                                                             understanding of the caldera

When I do my tour on Thirassia I make it a relaxed and fun time and have been told to keep going but haha make money we will see in 2017

Sunday, 29 May 2016

The church festival a gathering of friends and family  
Start of a new
season of touring on Santorini

 The people of the island continue their lives in the traditional way

One of the remaining builders of the traditional style of Santorini in Emporio 
A View from the fortress in Emporio  
The small Taxi boat to the red,white and black beach in Akrotiri 
In Megalochori  
The islanders of Thirassia well known for their mules 
The most special moment for Greek people in receiving the holy bread .

Finding new tours and this is amazing for quality of cuisine and learning how to cook and tasting wines  
Each year I never stop looking for places to see and do on Santorini and had the great pleasure of taking some visitors to the new wine and cooking class they came and picked us up and made a lovely evening so special with their knowledge in such a lovely friendly environment at the Boutari winery but we felt special as vip .  

Thursday, 7 April 2016

The local people of Santorini

In touring around Santorini many a times asking when a certain generation passes away will Santorini traditions continue, to be reassured  that as long as tourism enjoys they will continue on their way of life .
As you know I never stop asking questions on this island and concerning the young fishermen on the island it has now been introduced that they can gain a licence to take people fishing in their boats .This is great for them as their life in competing with the big boys was forcing them into giving up fishing and working in other tourist sectors so check this out when you go to the island .
Over the years I hear a lot about the people who own the mules, I can only speak about the few I know in Oia yes they leave the mules for several hours in the sun and it does look cruel but we need to become aware that these men have grown up as farmers living off the land and for sure it was not in their daily program to be educated  as a young child the rights and wrongs of taking care of animals .They mean well and in their own way love and take care of their mules as it is a  very expensive animal which is their main means of income into the family home  .It is sad to say this but some of the local people believe that it should be the local government who should build shelter for the mules  to encourage a better awareness in the welfare of the mules .
This island and it's people are amazing in love of music and bringing communities together and it is handed down from generation to generations as I have been informed starting from learning to clean to peeling the potatoes to finally becoming one of the  cooks at church festivals They are amazing people and try to while on the island just say hello as I always do and you never know you might find out more than I .