Friday, 16 August 2013


My view on a blackout on the island creating a feeling of an old Santorini when the people didn't have electricity or modern cons but woke up with sunrise and went to sleep shortly after sunset. 

Yes there was a feeling and worry from all the shops,restaurants   coffee shops and hotels as we all live with the high demand for electricity, but it was a chance for all to kick in a plan so that the visitors

 still enjoy their holidays and life on the island continued in an atmosphere of people strolling along the narrow paths full of shops etc some with generators running and some with gas lamps

or candles that created an even more rustic feel to a volcano island. Even on the square the children continued playing with the light reflections from neptune restaurant and the local old lady describing the summer days in the evening singing as they went to 

the local tavernas with friends so things of the village haven't really changed from those days just a bit more people .  

I went yesterday evening to find something to eat on the caldera and words can't describe the sounds of different nationalities chatting or wandering the paths with smiles and relaxation in their stroll after having seen the sunset or enjoying a lovely meal at one of the many restaurants or coffee shops. was as usual busy but gee it was so lovely to see all the tables with candles it was definally a place for a romantic couple or family .But i decided to go to and as i sat looking out onto the caldera and at the table next to me a family of Italian people were enjoying their pasta and sweet crepes with their beer and visanto ,i felt i was in their country but reminded when looking at the church St Stavros that i was in my lovely village Oia 

I ordered their rigatoni pasta with chicken and it was great with a local white wine and after just sat for a while relaxing thinking of my day and the people i meet today and i was so proud for the village in darkness while the rest of the island glowed in the distance. In the end with the help from  the visitors a feeling was created of not all can be destroyed on a holiday but in fact it brings out the beauty of a village sitting on walls or on their terraces enjoying a lovely 15th of August the most biggest religious festival of  Panayiotis Panayiotou, Maria, Despina & Maria  in Greece and the world .

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